About us

Criticue.com helps you improve your new and existing web designs by exchanging feedback with an intelligent community of entrepreneurs, usability experts and web designers.

It's a fair one-for-one exchange; for one web page you review, you get one review of your own work. The more feedback you post, the more feedback you receive.

Meet some of the people behind it.

The team

Sometime in late April, during the first investment round, we decided to form a new company, Designed.ly, for Criticue.com as well as other projects.

Criticue.com project has just three full-time team members (including the founder himself) and one web designer working remotely from his home office. Plus a plethora of freelancers to whom we outsource as much work as we can.

Our office is located in a local IT incubator, Strefa 89 (no affiliation).

If you are ever around, do pay us a visit:

Jagiellonska 89

Click to see where we are located.

  • Martin Bilski
    Developer, CEO

  • Paweł Zienkiewicz

  • Ewa Stachowiak
    Project Coordinator

  • Rajendra Prasad
    Web designer

The beginnings

Martin, Criticue.com’s founder, was seeking a release from the nervous tension while awaiting birth of his first daughter, Mary, in a hospital about 100km north-east of Berlin, Germany. He had a lot of time. He had a laptop. And an idea for a website he would use to get feedback about every website he built. Circular reasoning as it may be, he started banging out code nevertheless.

After coming back home with his family, though a bit overwhelmed with the new responsibilities, Martin continued working (very part time) on the project he called Criticue. Exactly 4 months since Mary's birthday, on December 10, a proof-of-concept prototype was launched and received wonderful feedback from Internet communities and blogs (most notably on reddit.com and Hacker News).

A happy husband and a father to a delightful little daughter, Martin with the help of his team released Criticue.com in June and is now working on new features while Mary is working hard towards passing the Turing test.

Mary, Cofounder.