Media Kit is a newly launched platform to help you improve your new and existing web designs by exchanging feedback with an intelligent community of entrepreneurs, usability experts and web designers.

With offering a free and confidential service, website authors will always find a quick, easy to use way to receive and give feedback.

Simple workflow.

You have a website...

As it is about to go live, you still find asking yourself: is the website intuitive? Does it look attractive to others? Have I missed anything obvious?

You need some objective, qualified opinions. And you need them now.

...submit it to

You don't even have to sign up to use the service. Add your website and immediately go on to review other sites, as many as you like. For each website you review, you'll receive one review of your website. receive loads of actionable feedback.

Within a few hours at most you start receiving suggestions and ideas. After receiving positive feedback, you’re going to feel more confident regarding your website. You can be sure to have covered all the angles and that your website is finally ready to go live.

Problem it solves.

Criticue’s users come from different and many backgrounds and they all find that having someone else’s opinion on their designs is an incredibly helpful resource. works with start-up online platforms, web designers and many other web owners.

It's invaluable to have another set of eyes examine your design. One of the biggest advantages of using is that real people critique your website, real people who will be able to offer you an impartial spectrum of opinions in exchange of your, just as impartial, one.

High quality. Fast.

Unlike its competitors, reviews in are short and focused. This means you, as the user, can review a website in as little as 1-3 minutes and earn exactly one review in exchange.

Every reviewer is shown a screenshot of the page they are supposed to review; with the option to open it in a new browser tab for a more detailed examination of the website.

Reviews may be short but as they come from highly qualified participants they're really valuable. In addition, reviews are not only moderated to ensure there is no spam and useless "I like it" comments but also rated by website authors themselves.

Based on over 11,000 reviews we collected using a proof-of-concept phase, 78% of reviews were rated 'awesome' or 'useful' with just 2.5% clearly unhelpful or spam reviews ('awesome' reviews amounted to about 16%).

Following positive feedback from our users, our team at was pleased to find how useful website reviews really are and decided to turn the prototype into a real product.

Bootstrap start-ups: Getting useful feedback is not easy for a start-up nobody knows about yet. Interactive improvement based on paid expert reviews is costly when you're struggling to create your MVP on a low budget.

Web designers: It's invaluable to have another set of eyes examine your design. Imagine ten or fifty pieces of feedback on your website for free; and this before your design is even published.

Any business: I'm sure your spouse and your co-workers think your business website is very convincing. The thing is they already know what the site is ‘meant’ to be about. How about a random visitor? Will ‘they’ understand what you're up to at a glance? is the answer to any doubts or issues you might have in regards to your web design.

Case studies.

Many users have found a useful and professional online service to rely on. Please have a look at some of their stories below.

After launching, its 13yo founder, Ben Thomson was just looking for some feedback from the general public. Finding gave him the confidence he was looking for:

“Criticue is by far the most important tool that any website owner should use. Knowing what the intelligent Criticue community thinks has allowed me to improve my website and increase users and traffic. I highly recommend this,” said Mr. Thomson.

Hunter Block was also looking for different opinions about his own website and business,, when he finally spotted

“We really enjoyed submitting to Criticue. It was fun giving feedback, and we enjoyed the reviews we received. Will definitely push more concepts and projects through it in the future” Mr. Block said.

James Hilton, from, found some constructive criticism for his website through “I LOVE Criticue! I've redesigned my site twice based on critique I've received from your site,” Mr. Hilton said and also added, “It’s like hiring a team of developers and entrepreneurs as beta testers.”


  • Martin Adams,

    Being a UX and web designer, gaining tangible feedback of designs and user flows is critical to the success of any project. I've found Criticue as a fun way to get extremely quick feedback helping to highlight any common issues while also learning from other web designers in their approach. Sometimes we think we know all there is about our own products, but Criticue has enabled me to see things from a very different perspective.
  • Tyler Wanlass,

    Criticue enabled us to get direct unbiased feedback on our soon to launch site. Within hours we had tons of reviews that provided actionable feedback on how we could improve our messaging and look & feel. Just awesome!
  • Derek Merdinyan

    The rapid design feedback we received through Criticue helped us improve our landing page design to generate more leads in one week.
  • Yagil,

    I have been using criticue for the past few days and I absolutely love it. It really "opened my eyes" to things in my site that otherwise no one would tell me about - and I might lose users because of.
  • Peter Kao,

    I did get extremely useful reviews that have sparked a lot of planned changes. The experience with Criticue has been wonderful with new community suggested features rolling out once in a while. This lets me know that your service will continue to get even better with time. I find that critiques here not only come from a broad-range of different people with different expertise (ie. graphic designer, programmer, web designer) but the quality of critiques is higher than other review sites I've used in the past. This might be attributed to the well-designed, simplified web design.
  • Jesse Chapo,

    I have made a number of significant changes to my designs based on the valuable feedback from the Criticue community.
  • Ross Poulton,

    The collective insight of Criticue users was invaluable for our redesign - we implemented many suggestions and saw increased engagement in our product as a result.
  • Rameez M Virji,

    I love criticue! It really helped me gain an unbiased idea of how others saw my website, and gave me valuable feedback from other designers on how to improve my website! Criticue is perfect for any website owner to improve his website.
  • Corey Freeman,

    Criticue is an amazing tool for focused, actionable feedback. It helped me refine my membership site's sales page to increase conversions and trust from new customers. I recommend this tool all the time, and I guarantee you'll love it.
  • Robin Block, Red Sky Vision Ltd

    Criticue is a great concept - really helped with completing our design. The feedback also gave us confidence. Good luck with this - I'll definitely be using it again.
  • Ivana Klinderova,

    Really great way of getting quick, to-the-point feedback for improving your website. Easy to use, so happy with this site!
  • Lawrence Shea,

    I first heard about on reddit, and within minutes I was addicted. The feedback I get from users of criticue is/was essential to the design & development of my site Yes, there are other sites out there that provide a similar service, but none that compete with the price...FREE! The criticue web app is easy to navigate, and allows you to write & receive reviews quickly and easily. I could not be more happy I came across this app. I will certainly be using this service for the foreseeable future not just for my own site, but for all of the sites I build for my customers! 5/5
  • Ilya Berelson,

    Nothings more valuable to a product or service then a first impression. As a web engineer, I get to experiment with new features and designs & then get a few (first impressions) with criticue. Criticue can be a websites best business partner. The reviews are sometimes harsh, but that's OK. Every new review on Criticue simply encourages your service to be as clear and perffect as can be.

The founder.

Martin,’s founder, was seeking a release from the nervous tension while awaiting birth of his first daughter, Mary, in a hospital about 100km north-east of Berlin, Germany. He had a lot of time. He had a laptop. And an idea for a website he would use to get feedback about every website he built. Circular reasoning as it may be, he started banging out code nevertheless.

After coming back home with his family, though a bit overwhelmed with the new responsibilities, Martin continued working (very part time) on the project he called Criticue. Exactly 4 months since Mary's birthday, on December 10, a proof-of-concept prototype was launched and received wonderful feedback from Internet communities and blogs (most notably on and Hacker News).

A happy husband and a father to a delightful little daughter, Martin with the help of his team released in June and is now working on new features while Mary is working hard towards passing the Turing test.


Cofounder of Converto SC, an Internet start-up - a comparison shopping engine focusing on personal computers and accessories.

2000 - 2009
While partnering with a Swiss software publisher, Xtreeme GmbH, developed and published several email and web-related applications and online services.

2009 - Apr 2013
Cofounder and a board member of Amerbil, a technology and seed investment company in the green energy sector. Responsible for negotiating mergers and acquisitions (total capacity: 938 MW).

2011 - now
Founder of Amerbil Serwis providing IT and software development services (Ruby on Rails).

Dec 2012
Launched the prototype of

May 2013 - now
Founder and CEO of

The company.

Sometime in late April, during the first investment round, we decided to form a new company,, for as well as future projects. project has just three full-time team members (including the founder himself) and one web designer working remotely from his home office. Plus a plethora of freelancers to whom we outsource as much work as we can.

Our office is located in a local IT incubator, Strefa 89 (no affiliation).

The team.

  • Martin Bilski
    Developer, CEO

  • Paweł Zienkiewicz

  • Ewa Stachowiak
    Project Coordinator

  • Rajendra Prasad
    Web designer

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Free to use.
There is no fine print. You can get as many reviews as you like without paying a dime.
Very easy to try out.
Users are not required to sign up and if they decide to, they are only asked for their email address to get notification about received reviews.
You receive one review in exchange for every review you post.
You can review several websites in a row in only a few minutes and yes, many users find it addictive.
You usually receive your reviews in less than 24 hours, often in minutes.
Confidential and anonymous.
All reviews are confidential and anonymous. Only you and the reviewer have access to the critique posted.
Easy to read.
The average review length is 53 words.
Spam free.
Everything is moderated to ensure there are no spam and useless stuff.


Dec 2012
Launch of the proof-of-concept version with over 13,000 unique visitors on day one.
Feb 2013
Usability improvements and core features.
Mar 2013
Initial funding round.
Apr 2013
Incorporated as
June 2013
Launch of the service. New design & features.
July 2013
Community-building and social network features. Basic monetization.

Industry statistics.

  • There were around 51M new websites in 2012.
  • Nascent entrepreneurship in the US doubled in 2010 to 8.4% (after it plummeted down in 2008). Similar trend in the EU.
  • In 2011 in the US there were more than 270,000 people officially employed as graphic designers. *
  • According to Media research company Nielsen, almost 212 million Americans used the web in May 2012; with each web user spending over 29 hours online in total.
  • There are 25 billion pages viewed every month, according to data from

* this also includes the print industry

Criticue brand.

These resources will help you use our brand and assets, including our logo. If you are ever in doubt, just refer back to these guidelines or send an email to

  • Logo for light backgrounds.

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  • Visual identity elements.

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Please always spell Criticue as or Criticue.

Not: criticue or CRITICUE.

Criticue™ is a trademark of, sp. z o.o.

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  • Martin Bilski

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  • Martin Bilski

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  • Martin Bilski

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  • Paweł Zienkiewicz

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  • Paweł Zienkiewicz

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  • Rajendra Prasad
    Web designer

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  • Ewa Stachowiak
    Project Coordinator

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  • Ewa Stachowiak
    Project Coordinator

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